Please join us for a summers evening stroll and learn about the radical history of the Stroud Valleys, the mills and the racking fields of Rodborough. We will be guided by Stuart Butler and pause for some reflections acted by John Bassett.

Subjects will include a tour through the 18th and 19th centuries taking in the social history of the Stroud Valleys and cloth industry. We will also pause in the Frome Banks river valley to discuss the wildlife and habitats.

We will meet by The Clothiers Arms at the bottom of Rodborough Hill, Stroud for a 7pm start. The walk will start through Frome Mills along the canal then pauses at Wallbridge. We then meander along Frome Banks to Capels Mill, returning across Rodborough Fields. Optional drinks after at The Prince Albert, Walkley Hill. The walk should take about an hour with regular stops and a gentle pace.

All ages welcome and free of charge. The event may be filmed by BBC2 for the upcoming series of The Planners.

If possible please wear red to signify the famous Stroud Scarlet cloth.