Hello to all our supporters – we would like your help if you have ever walked in Rodborough Fields.

We are looking to have some of the paths that have been used for many decades across Rodborough Fields to be listed as public rights of way.

If you (or your family, & friends) have ever used any of these three routes;

1. from the gate near Wallbridge across the bottom of the fields above Frome Banks to the gate at Capel Mill,

2. from the gate at the bottom of Kings Road along the top of the field behind Arundel Drive, or

3. From the end of Woodhouse Drive to join the path to Capel Mill…

…then please contact us via email info@rodboroughfields.org.uk or comment on this post below.

We may be asking some of you to complete a short form to support our applications.

Please ask friends and family too. Thanks for your support.