A group of local residents with the support of Rodborough Parish Council are applying to have the land known as Wallbridge Fields designated with Village Green Status. The Rodborough Fields & Frome Banks Preservation Group are also supporting this application. It is a vital part of preserving the key wildlife sites in this area and an important area of amenity to the residents of Stroud.

Please find below a link to download a questionnaire designed to provide evidence of long-standing (over 20 years) and regular local use of the land known officially as ‘Wallbridge Fields’. The map also downloadable at the foot of this article identifies this land – roughly speaking; the ‘waste’ land below the odd numbered houses in Rodborough Ave.

The questionnaire’s purpose is to support Rodborough Parish Council to make an application for Village Green status that will secure the on-going recreational use of the land. This will not incur any costs for residents.

One of the key questions is No 11 ‘What activities did you or your family use the land for’? The following response by one of Rodborough Avenue’s residents may prompt your own thoughts – ‘Bonfire areas, composting, children’s parties, beekeeping, wild fruit harvesting (blackberry, raspberry, apples, rose hip) gathering, building dens & tree houses, general children’s play, vegetable growing, wildlife watching (badgers and deer), Halloween parties & beekeeping’.

Please share the questionnaire with any former residents who may have used the land and encourage them to complete it. The longer we can trace community use the better. Rowena and David Pugh have been in contact with the children of residents who lived in their house for over 60 years who have their own stories to tell!

And finally, please don’t be put off by the legal sounding language in the box at the end of the form. It’s a requirement of the Open Spaces Society who advise on such applications, you won’t be signing your life away!

If you have any queries please contact John Bloxsom your Parish Councillor who lives at 6 Rodborough Avenue (766529), or David Pugh at no 49 Telephone: 01453 765358. Please return to John at the address at the end of the questionnaire ASAP and by Friday 18 October at the latest. Alternatively, David Pugh is happy to collect from you when ready, just let him know when.

David (Pugh), 49 Rodborough Avenue, Stroud.Tel: 01453 765358, email; celticdavidpugh@madasafish.com

Many thanks.

Click here to download a map of the area.

Click here to download a questionnaire.